Dolores Cannon, Shifting energies, Planetary shifts, Higher Self infromation , Journey to New Planet
RECORDING replay available also .

Join Tríona as she discusses her eight years of research and passion on the shifting consciousbness of the planet and the effects of it on everyone and the animals .
As well as the importance of this information , for you and the next generation
Followed by the excting journey throuhg a portal to what people may recognise as ” new earth” or a new planet .
Children “Third wave of volunteers” here to bring change
30 minute talk on planetary shifts, the colelctive consciosuness , and what is the” “New Earth” from Dolores Cannon’s work and more from Client sesisons

1, Tutorial and knowledge about New earth
2. learn about life
how to help, why you are here ?
3. learn about the importance of aligning
4. Learn personality groups and your ability’s
5. Journey through a portal to “a new planet”
6. Q&A

A very safe and easy way for you to access positive information about the shifting consciousness and changes around us. Empowerment through knowledge.
Suitable for all levels ,this will run over zoom where you will access your life information.

Come with a sense of curosity , a quiet space in a relaxed postiion, free from noises and distractions , avoid caffeine

Cost: 33 euro / approx 34 dollors
Time: 90 minutes
Dates : 6h SUNDAY August @ 800 pm – BST (Dublin) or 3.00 pm EST
please check world clock for your region
*recording available for private use only
recording available for all attendees
* recording will be emailed same day to you will have 14 days to download using your coupon code that is emailed on sign up, as well as emailed to your registered email

Triona has had the privilege to train with some of the most influential inspirers in past life around the World and is internationally known in her field.
Having trained under Dolores Cannon is now a level 3 QHHT practitioner (pls note this is not Dolores Cannon’s method of healing , currently only 42 in the World , as well as fully qualified regression therapist , hypnotherapist, teacher in hypnosis and LBL facilitator (life between lives) , she teaches her own modality “Soul to Source “as practitioner certified course on akashic records which now has over 130 students changing their own lives and other lives.

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How to prepare :
Zoom, WIFI, water beside you. notepad and pen,
an open mind
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terms and conditions : this does not replace medical advise and is a guide only, It does not replace therapy / there are no refunds on purchases and its important you ensure a working email before booking to receive your zoom link, also your recording. you have 14 days to download the recording to your device from the website. we do not offer refunds for this event