Past Life Practitioner Certified Course

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Past Life Exploration is a quick and permanent method you can use as a practitioner, to help, empower and understand your clients on a deeper level.

During Past Life Exploration, clients can expect to meet their soul family, familiar faces, and even learn skills – like new languages, in addition to enhancing and awakening their spiritual selves.

Past Life Regression is a technique that takes an individual back through time to previous lives. Through guided hypnosis and relaxation therapy to induce the required state.

Journeying to previous lives is an incredibly enlightening and positive experience. Which can also be used as a form of therapy to remove unwanted traumas, which have carried over from previous lives in the form of memories, thoughts, or physical ailments.

This does not replace or duplicate any other PLR courses including QHHT which is a unique copyrighted standalone modality. Interested in QHHT pls go to services page with link to purchase



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What the course contain?


All inductions and scripts in a downloadable and printable manual


On-Demand Access for Life to our training material as a site member


Also includes basic training on navigating Current Life Memories


2 days Live interactive training via Zoom with supervision, and assessment


Mindfulness Techniques, Energy Management & Spiritual Enhancement

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Learn Hypnosis, how to perform a regression and key hypnotic skills

Transform past life trauma, memories, fears, and illnesses

Spiritual Past Life Hypnosis and Clinical Past life Regression

The ability to work online or in-person, in an ethical and compassionate way

find your destiny

Akaschic Records & Soul Origins Practitioner Certified Course

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Triona has noticed over the years, more and more clients reaching out needing and wanting to know MORE. More about who they are at a deep soul level , their eternal selves . Triona has been working with LBL (Michael Newtons life between lives ) and QHHT level 3 (Dolores Cannon’s method of Quantum) and Akashic & Soul assesments or many years and clients have discovered hidden information about the planets and the afterlife that is mind blowing giving a sense of deep peace and empowerment as well as practical informaiton to help apply to their present lifetime. She is well establsiged and known internationally as an Afterlife / Galatic teacher and researcgher and specialises in “Mission based souls” or lightwokrers. She has studied two methods of Akashioc records as well.


This course is structured over 10 modules all accessible to you anytime using your login , with support via this content throughout enabling you to become an incredible Akashic Practitioner as well being able on completion to undertand and read a persons soul origins , their history back to source itself , their very creation or soul spark .

The course is sructured for you to go at your own pace with practical excercises and techniques throughout including accessing your own records and soul history as well as a guided example , teaching you how to undertand knowledge about the universe , the planets, beings that exist on planets and why they may wish to incanrate on Earth commonly known as starseeds . As well as gaining a thourough knowledge of Soul origins , the various soul groups that exist as we know them at this time , the galatic groups and beings that are especially preent during this time on earth’s resolution .

You will learn throughout these modules how to access the Akashic Records – this is an energetic database or imprint of knowledge that holds information about all souls , any incarnaitons they may have had anywhere , how they spend their time in the afterlife or in between incarnaitons .

An Akashic & Soul Reading can help you and your clients undertand themselves on a deep level, soul selves . it can help them make clear trauma and blocks they they may be carrying , as well as accessing and activaing their abilties they may still remain locked to them. By looking at a souls plan and history it is deeply transformative and healing as well as incredibly empowering .

Why is this course different

Majority of Akashic Records course stop there , and this course is 50% records 50% about reading a clients soul origins , soul group and galatic family . Triona has spent years researching about afterlife and galatic beings ,and brings all of this to you in this jam packed course . In edition a lot of cliets want to experince the records for themslves and gain physical healing that can come from being in thie high energitc vibrational place. Triona brings her advanced skills as a hypnotherpist, Afterlife Researcher, channeller, teacher and spiritual mentor to every aspect of this course. You will have the option to work with clients in two ways –

  • Read the records for your client , as well as accessing the soul origins, assesing the informaiton and charting the resuults in a reading FOR them
  • Bringing the client into this place themsleves using hypnosis guided meditaiton , activating the records with them , as you journey together live in operson or over zoom to the records where you guide various questions they may have . they will receive the informaiton themselves , as well as meet their guides and get a present .

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What is included

  • All course video content with details indepth knowledge and training
  • Manuals, charts and training docuements to downlaod
  • Digital certificate on course completion
  • Practical excercises and practice sessions included to build confdence and practice
  • Marketing and “Get Going” skills
  • Psychic / Intuive development guide including energy protection for your own grounding
  • Audio of a real session and examples of charted assements , activaiton meditation and other audio meditations jsut for you as a student of this course
  • Any uodates to course with no expiration date
  • * See terms and conditions for course here