What I Offer

QHHT®- Dolores Cannon’s method

An Incredible unique way of awakening and Healing. Level 3 Practitioner Ireland

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠  Truly Transformational designed to be one session

Avergae 5 Hours In person Only

Life Between Lives - Afterlife Memories

Life Between Lives (Afterlife Memories)

This session is a  spiritual journey through Hypnosis where you will be guided beyond birth into time in the spirit realms and connect to your soul memories.. Access Soul Groups. Soul Purpose. Experiencing your soul contracts written first hand and Connect to your Guides and Elders.


Available online via Zoom or In person
usually 5  hour Session costs 444

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Who were you in another life? Designed for an empowering spiritual experience, visiting a past life or higher consciousness Become empowered with hidden knowledge, learnt new abilities and awakened their senses during these sessions.


2 hours online via zoom or in-person
190 euro

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Trauma Release

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Trauma Release

Using Hypnosis & Regression Therapy you will be guided to current life events where the Subconscious mind has trouble letting so of events and converted them to traumatic memories that are affecting you.


Phobias, Anxiety and Depression, Procrastination, PTSD, Panic Attacks. Childhood Difficulties, Focus, Weight & smoking

2 hours in person and Online Via Zoom
170 Euro

Weekly Therapy

Weekly Therapy

Clinical Talk Therapy, Triona Will working at an intuitive level as well as encompassing the clinical therapy, looking at the mind-body and spiritual connection and a sense of balance for practical techniques to help clear anxiety and fears.


85 euro per weekly session via Zoom

Spiritual Mentoring one to one Package

Do you struggle with Spiritual Awakening, or want to develop your natural gifts, become part of a tribe? How to astral Travel, develop your psychic Intuition, Balance, and grounding, Read your Akashic records, Connect with your guides, work with your abilitiies . Develop & Connect to higher self, Intuiionl Mediumship, astral ytravel, this will be BESPOKE for your development in a supportive empowering way.


Sessions are Online Via Zoom in a 5 weekly package
499 Euro

Guidance readings – Akashic Records SOUL Reading

Guidance readings – Akashic Records SOUL reading

You may be drawn to reading if you are struggling with some decisions and need clarity about your past or your future, you wish to connect and know your guides. Akadhic Records/ Soul Realignment and assesments is a 3 hour session, 1 hour live via zoom as we revoew all the infornmaiton . Guidance Readings are via zoom .


Readings are all via zoom
45 minutes 90  Euro & Akashic Soul Realignment Readings 222