Are you ready – A new portal has opened ” Solora’s Gate ©”

I am putting the cart before the horse here by sharing this but when a message is repeated to me again and again in meditations or in client sessions I know to pay attention, They absolutely want you to have access and know about this KNOW .

I can’t wait to share with you all this inspiring message from collective Guides / Entitys during the last 50  Quantum healing Hypnosis Sessions (Dolores Cannon Method).  The same message word for word was repeated again and again – “Are you ready , it’s time” ..Over fifty  different sessions the same message was repeated in different vocabulary, that source / universe have manipulated time and space to create the energy vortex. The Scientist in me pays attention .

.This of course got my immediate attention. I have been working for 7 years on what myself and my friend have coined “The Project” – A series of my own channelling, QHHT and LBL sessions which have all accumulated in a series of stories to one penultimate ending .

A dear friend comes in with His own journey and sessions that intersect my own resulting in a one of kind story that will BLOW YOUR MIND – Audios and Books to follow (WATCH THIS SPACE)

Here is a short excerpt from one QHHT session (June 2022)

C “ Are you ready ? ”

TS “Oh that’s interesting, ready for what, tell me more please”

C “ The shift, the mechanics of vibration”

TS” Wonderful , I really need more, that could be many things, please explain it to me in a way I might understand and be able to share this will others”

C “We have spent much vibration –  what you may undertand as time- getting ready , and preparing all of you for this shift . Energy as you know it has changed on your vibration , Earth, meaning you can harness and progress with the multidimensial energy force to portals, enerhy streams and quantum portation” (I’ll need to google that one)

TS “so in essence are you saying we can all raise our vibrations higher than before, travel energeticly in our minds to wherever we want-   loved ones, galaxys and so forth , in essence we can do more and use our brain and our abilitys more , Why couldn’t we do this previously “

C”Yes . It takes energy and vibration , momentum. From our access point and also your own (Humans / Earth).You may say we have spent a millennia preparing for this shift. We have   moved space and time in quantum fields to create a vortex that can be accessible now for earthly incarnated souls . We know it was difficult for many , although we cannot fully undertand what you feel as seperation from us , we undertand it lowers your energy field being distanced from universal force.

TS “IS this what some people know as New Earth”

C “No, this is in its basic form a gateway to star systems and glaaxys should you or anyone want to access it ” 

Channelling – Getting Ready for the journey 

I have spent several weeks experimenting and researching this in my own trance /channelling  and excited to be sharing – even in part – some of it now with you all. 

After receving the information from sessions I connected in with my own spirtual team . I was amazed at how quickly I saw it and how quickly I went through. the first time was open space, I could nearly touch the stars it was 5D , I had no sense of a body but knew i was there in an energetic outline of my physical body . I came back feeling ebergozed and what was only a moment in reality . the second time was different . I used a method i previously used to access mind travel. It took a deeper level of hypnosis / trance (approximately 30 minutes) but was definately a different solar system. I then used the Golden Triangle . I was in through in seconds , was standing at a planet I have never seen before , an array of colours and life and light. I can’t consocusly recall what happened next , then came back to my full awareness . it was 65 minutes of earthly time. Without a doubt the Triangle Gate Portal was much easier, quicker and better to access.  it opened up a portal to a NEW previously unexplored area in space to us (or at least to me) that resides a planet I call Solora (A green planet) . 

 Previously there have been  wormholes and energy points absolutely, the most common one called “lions gate portal” however this is quite different. It is always open , it is easier and has a better vibrational frequency to match our own, meaning its accessible to everyone . it needs only a light level of relaxation or trance . It specifically brings to planets or more importabtly a very speciifc planet called “Solora” meaning of the sun,  galactic star systems and space not past lives , future lives or Earthy realms . It will expand consciousness over time and forma  unique connection. 

Solora’s gate ©
✨Close your eyes and see or imagine a Golden traingle.
✨As you stand beside it it doesnt have a door its widwe open . you can see before even stepping through the space / stars  beyond our solar system
✨Step thrrough .. go with teh flow, see whats on the other side . 

What will it do 

✨Accessible to everyone – New planet adn systems 
✨Does not require a deep level of trance 
✨You are ready , its quick and gets easier every time.
✨It will increase your vibrations and expand your cosnciousness