You may be drawn to a reading if you are struggling with some decisions and need clarity about your past or your future, you wish to connect and know your guides and how they are working wiht you .

Channeling / Mediumship is to give proof that our lives continue after our passing and that our soul is on a continuous journey. There is no end only a new beginning in the spiritual world. A Medium is able to function as a bridge between our world and the spirit world.

To feel their presence and Love and to have your soul awaken with this presence . You can also be brought on a guided journey to meet your guides or loved ones yourself .

You may wish to listen to this hypnosis guided meditation

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Soul Assesment – This involves tuning into your energy field and choosing 4 colours that are prevalent in your life at the time as well as looking at your soul origin, your primary place of origin right after your soul was created and how these natural qualities will lead and guide you in every life time . Understanding what is happening  in your life receiving guidance and clarity. It is 3 hours in total, whre Triona obtain this informaiton and they foes through it with you in person for 1 hour via zoom . Triona will work for 2 hours before the zoom call, you will receive via email your colour aura chart , and Triona will expand and explain this during the one to one zoom call. Also available as a Gift voucher . This is deeply intuitve and a soul connection wheere you can learn about your eternal self .It Goes deep inot your Akashic Records and your divine blueprint as a soul and it’s journey . What planets have you lived on, how has this impacted your soul growth, what are you amazing soul abilities, what do you have to still learn . What progress are in your journey .

Soul Realiugnment / Akashic Records / Assesing you as a soul

Intuitive Guidance – Using t Angel cards / Intuitively connecting to your soul, a look at past , present and future for guidance and clarity and direction including about your work, studies, company decisions etc.Triona Has is known to have assisted large blue chip companies by tuning into their best posisble outcome and assiting in helping guide to their optimum success, or one to one when someone os feeling torn or stuck about their life direction and purpose

Note: Terms and conditions apply, as well as understanding that working with energy cannot be guaranteed and on occasion a session may need to be rescheduled or cancelled and refunded . It is important that ethics are foremost  considered .

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