Sessions are 4 hours 


This session is a  spiritual journey through Hypnosis where you will be guided beyond birth into time in the spirit realms and connect to your soul memories.. Access Soul Groups. Soul Purpose. Experiencing your soul contracts written first hand and Connect to your Guides and Elders.

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The afterlife is the place where we all go when our soul leaves our physical body and the place where souls grow and evolve between physical lifetimes. This is a place where we are connected to our Higher Self, over-soul, and soul groups beyond the physical dimension. All people from all cultures, races, and religions can experience this profound connection with their super-conscious mind through ‘Between Lives Spiritual Regression’, which is in reach beyond the conscious everyday mind we deal with in our awake state.

Initially developed by Dr Michael Newton whose published booked like “journey of Souls” It requires a deep state of relaxation and Trance and as such may not be suitable for all clients designed for a spiritual expansion not to transform trauma although it can often be incredibly healing.

Sarah Richardson talking briefly about her LBL session with Triona
The subconscious or super-conscious mind is the hidden aspects of our mind that exist on a deeper level beyond our physical life. In ancient traditions (such as Australian/Aboriginals) the shamans speak of this world referred to as the ‘Dreamtime’. This dimension is beyond our five senses and yet is easily reached through deep relaxation
Triona has found this is profound Healing for Healers and lightworkers and can activate and enhance all of their senses and spiritual awareness and have gained an understanding as how telepathy works and how spirit and elders communicate with you.
Life Between lives regressions is fantastic for seeing your soul contracts being written first hand, why you choose certain agreements and relationships , why you choose your family.
Receive spiritual guidance about your current life and remember who you are on a soul level. You were born with an abundance of gifts and abilities and may have forgotten them, this is a wonderful session to remember and access all that information and wisdom. By understanding who you are at Soul level you will understand your life’s journey.
Experience what it is like to be in the spirit realms, meet your soul family, your working team and much more. consciousness. The regression into the between lives is also called spiritual regression because of the connection with the soul and the eternal self. During the session you will be able to have direct contact with your guides and learn from their loving advice on how to manage and move on in life.
To have a rewarding session you will need to have a focused mind and be calm and relaxed. Simply let go of preconceptions, expectations and previous experiences or knowledge. This will allow you to have the best experience possible. After Booking an email & Call will be sent for how to prepare. for more information however I do not recommend you read any of these books before the session if you haven’t done so already.

Please note this is not offered in Dublin City only Greystones Location or online via zoom

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