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€85 per session

eTriona Believes in combining and looking at all aspets of the body and mind for therapy . Intuitive and clinical its a great mix  thta worls to help you overcome childhood trauma, unwanted thoughts and behaviours, anxiety and much more.. CBT and other psycology / psycotherapy methods are used in combination. CBT is a recognised science based form of Clinical Talk Therapy , Triona Will also be working at an intuitive level as well as encompassing the clinical therapy , looking at the mind body and spiritual connection   and a sense of balance for practical techniques to help clear anxiety and fears .

 A habit such as rumination, unwanted negative internal dialogue, anxiety,  like any other habit, can be broken. CBT is a recognised form of therapy that combines talk therapy and also techniques such as mindfulness exercises

CBT looks at prevailing thoughts and actions causing problems Changing behaviours to facilitate growth/change/healing/transformative results. Benefits people with Anxiety, OCD, ASD related anxiety and PTSD , This is suitable for ongoing therapy, for anyone who may not be suitable for hypnosis, needs that weekly grounding and support, grt you through a rough time in your life , clear trauma and anxiety. 


Min 6 sessions is a;ways recommened  50 minutes each week suitable for adults. 

  • No hypnosis required /No contra-indicators
  • Results are very effective working with you for you/

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