Transforming workshop inspired by Dolores Cannon

“Fear is for entertainment purposes only”
“We are moving into the new world and leaving negativty behind” “
You can change your life – You can have anything”
“There are no limitations unless you create them”

In this workshop you will learn to

let go of Unconscious Fears and Blocks
empower yourself and letting go of anything not serving you
Manifest and setting intentions creating this reality in your Subconscious mind
Self love – Letting go ceremony
Do Dolores Cannon’s personaloity test -Have lots of fun, feel supported and safe
Truly Transform and create a postive future

Wifi / zoom free account is needed which will run for 3 hours
4.00 pm BST / 5 pm GMT / 11 am EST

About the instructors

Paul is a Transformation Teacher, and Coach, who offers teachings on expanding consciousness. Paul is also a Level Two QHHT Practitioner. His book TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE WITH MEDITATION is helping so many people transform their lives. Paul is helping thousands with his regular Youtube, Facebook and Instagram videos RAISE their VIBRATION. Paul is also offering people a chance to grow spiritually via his online courses. Check out Paul

Triona is passionate about self tranformation and teaching this to everyone who wishes to empower and heal themselves. Specialising in TraumaTherapy using both clinmical & spiritual modalities ,

Triona adores working with Dolores’s method of QHHT and has obtained level 3 practitoner , as well as also world , channelling, Life between lives and mindfulness . Check out Triona

Wifi / zoom free account is needed which will run for 3 hours
4.00 pm BST / 5 pm GMT / 11 am EST
Investment is 45 euro / 48 dollars OR EARLY BIRD OFFER until 1st june 39 euro / 42 dollars