past life regression, soul exploration quantum travelling , inner child healing, life between lives, future progression, Astral Travelling, akashic records

Tríona (with guest tutors) is really excited to bring you this 6 month development mentorship, where you will be guided through each step each month to discover your souls journey. TRANSFORMATION and REDISCOVERY . Spiritual Discussions and open talks with LIKE minded people where we will discuss a range of topics.
Understanding your own consciousness, your own past life traits and who you are as a soul being as well as you in this incarnation.

Discover who you were in a past life
Your soul group /soul mates
Soul contracts
Galactic Home
Source and higher Self
inner child and your future life

You will gain abilities you can use, undertanding the frequency and language of your soul and higherself , as well as going deeper with your higher self .
Dolores Cannon talks about a symbol everyone carrys within them when unlcoked can be used .. like a golden key. and that everything is happening in a quantum field that you can undertand and visit. Michael Newtwon discovered that your soul works and continues evolvig in the afterlife, what you do when your not in an incarnation.
You will discover if you have had a Galactic planetary incarnmation as a star being and visting a planet.
We will also discuss spiritual topics for theory and open questions.

Tríona is qualified and specialises in regression, trauma , consciousness and soul exploration. For nine years she has worked around the world teaching in groups and with one to one clients in Past Life and Current life Regression, LBl (life between lives) , and specialises in Dolores Cannon’s incredible QHHT (Quantum Healing)., and a regression theraist. Tríona is currently the only person in the wolrd trained as a QHHT level 3 practitioner and tutor as well as Michael Newtons (jlourney of souls) LBL (life betwen lives) . LBL is a common word for between lives regression however there are a handful of qualified practitioners in UK and Ireland . What does this mean for you .. It means Tríona wll use her experience of working within thosands of clients discovering their souls purpose, by using her unqiue combination of skills to mentor you through this process
Over Zoom each month your zoom link will be emailed to your registered address on sign up. pls email with any questions.

Past Life Regression
Inner Child Regression Healing
Remote viewing and Astral Travelling
Future Progression, Transformation and integration of the best version of YOU
Between Lives Regression as a soul divine being
Galactic Journey to planets
Akashic Recirds and Soul Alighment , Cutting cords
All sessions are recorded and uploaded to a dedicated members area

Includes best practices and techniques, guided mediations, Q & A in each months journey and exploration.

Investment :
pay now early bird 599 euro (by 1/11/23)

after November
Regular price 799 euro or montly subscription of 133

*schedule subject to slight amendments
Sunday each month starting 7th january 2023
5 pm -7.30 pm BST (Dublin) – 12 EST (USA), 10 am LA, 11 am Denver
11/ 02/24 ( Febuary )
10/03/2024 (March)
14/04/2024 April
12/05/2024 May
09/06/2024 June

*all will be recorded and sent to participants
Terms and Conditions. recordings will be sent to all registered signups. one person per computer, copyrighted material (for registered partispaints only). No refunds after sign up. This does not replace medical advise . For subscription based purchase it will automatically come of of card for the alloted time of 6 months. You will need a device, quiet space, zoom and wifi for this program. we reserve the right to refuse admittance and change dates.

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