Innerchild is listening!

It is inherent in human nature to want to focus on what feels familiar . If fear is the predominant emotion that you may find yourself searching for sutations in life that cause fear. familiar is something known , and accepted and is in a way comforting, like a warm blanket on a dark winters night but not always helpful.

If your used to drama predominantly in your life than drama is what you will unconsciocusly and consciously look for in relationships, even going to extremes and cultivating drama in your evcery day life. If you have a lot of relationships (freindships and family) in your life that seem very demanding , always dramatic and drama follows them , you could ask yourself “how do I feel when they bring me their problems” ?

Does it distract from your own life and problems ? (Aversion)

Does it give you a sense of excitement ? (Bored)

Does it make you feel tired and weary ? (Self sacrifice)

The brain likes familiar – this is why emotions are programmed in.

Yes it really does, it requires less energy to continue with the same thoughts than to create new ones, so once a program or thought / emotion is settled than it needs action to change it . In your early childhood / past life , you will have been programmed to this emotion (fear / drama / self sacrifice / Joy / happiness etc) . Searching for work , hobbies and so forth that can embed these programs even deeper often means you CHOOSE unconscously the wrong path in your life .

It can be very useful to do the following

  1. Identify the settled or familour emotions predominatly in your life
  2. Keep the good ones – focus on them every day
  3. Make a consciosu decision to adderss the negative ones.
  4. Remove or change areas of your life , repeated patterns , that are holding you back
  5. Reprogram your mind ..using a mantra


This will need to be changed according to your own identified emotions – done daily you will replace any previous familiar unwanted thoughts .

Creating your own reality and life you WANT and deserve .

” I am no longer focsuing or allowing fear in my life”

“I am happy and well and enjoying the ups and downs of life”

“I am letting go of unhealthy relationships”

“I am loving myself unconditonally”

Remeber you deserver to life the best life and create the best future you want

Make it a good one

Kindest Regards Always