The Constant Helper!

If you put everyone else first, and prioritise their health and time over your own time and energy, this article may be written for You.

It can be an addiction or it can be simply a pattern. Becoming self aware of your own needs can often be the hardest journey you might ever make.

There was a time when I never had enough time, low energy or was exhausted. I had gotten into a cycle of putting everyone else first, sometimes, even before my own family.

Answering late night calls to friends who had just been gone through a break up or hour long daily calls with other people’s continuous never ending drama

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely trait to be there for people when they need you, but there is a tipping point, and for me that point had been met, like the current scales of justice I was out of balance.

My energy was depleted Listening to their problems on a daily basis.