A live, online, 90-minute class
Saturday, April 8, at 11am New York / 4pm London

Learn to access an etheric library of the collective knowledge of every soul and its journey. Taught by experienced practitioner Triona Sheeran, you will learn practical tools and techniques to utilize the Akashic Records and unlock your hidden wisdom and talents: gaining a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose, healing past traumas, and manifesting both a fulfilling present and a wondrous future.


90-minutes of live, online instruction with Triona Sheeran.

Video recording of the class provided within 24 hours if you cannot attend live, or if you just want to watch it again.

Step-by-step instructions to open the Akashic Records.

Suggestions and tips for working with Akashic guidance.

Q&A to answer your specific questions.


The Concept of the Akashic Records

Preparations for the Journey:
Mindfulness and Intention

Tools & Techniques:
Meditation and Visualization

Symbols, Messages, Intuition

Reflection, Integration, Next Steps


Akasha has been given different names in different cultures over time. In some languages today, the word means simply “space” or “sky.” The Sanskrit word akasa is derived from the root kas, meaning “to be.” Various subschools differ on certain points, but Hinduism broadly teaches akasha as a primordial, ethereal essence that is everywhere, pervading everything in the universe. In terms that Western esotericism would later adopt, akasha is seen as the fifth element that unites the other four, or from which the other four originate.

Some people might say akasha is a state of being, or consciousness. They may speak of the astral, mental, or spiritual planes. And they might even talk in terms of vibration and frequency in an energetic field. Some people perceive akasha as something almost fluid, yet with a quality of sound. Some people simply call it “the other side.”


These, too, have been called by many names: “The Book of Remembrance,” “The Book of Life,” “tablets of astral light,” “the memory of nature” … The records are something like an ethereal copy—and some would say the ethereal source—of everything that exists on our denser, material plane.

The records are both documentation of our multiple pasts and blueprints for our myriad possible futures. (The concept of time itself is a tricky subject, even in traditional physics, and time ceases to have any meaning at all outside of the physical world.)

The records are what we access when we “know” something is going to happen. The records are accessed by mystics and psychics—but they are accessed by “regular” people as well, all the time, intentionally or otherwise. This class will teach you to access them reliably and regularly, with astounding results.


One theory is that the Akashic Records exist as a form of collective consciousness or unconsciousness. This theory posits that all human experiences, thoughts, emotions, and actions are stored in a non-physical realm, much like the way memories are stored in the brain. This collective consciousness could be accessed through meditation, visualization, or other altered states of consciousness.

Another theory is that the Akashic Records exist as a form of quantum information. This theory suggests that all information in the universe is stored in a quantum state, and that this information can be accessed through quantum entanglement or other quantum phenomena.

While these theories are only beginning to be explored by the scientific community, they do provide potential explanations for the workings of the Akashic Records and Akasha. It is important to keep an open mind and continue to critically evaluate the available evidence, as new discoveries in science and spirituality may provide further insights.